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Introduction and a General Discussion

A Quick Summary: the story takes place on a mountain called Kirayama, and a storm overcomes the Karasuno, Fukurodani and Nekoma teams, trapping them there. Connection to the outside world is cut, and when a freak murder occurs and a student goes missing, they have no way to call for help. They are stranded and helpless as multiple murders occur around them, with no clue or hint as to who is doing this or why. Hinata struggles to best an invisible culprit as time trickles by. Can he figure out who or what is causing these murders...? 

The concept of Kirayama was born during November, 2015. All I had wanted to do was drabble, and I wrote a short snippet of an argument occurring between Kageyama and Hinata as they struggled to understand murders going on in their corner of Japan. This, I scrapped, and decided to take things further. I wanted to conceptualize a world in which, realistically, the teens of Karasuno were forced into a corner concerning a serial killer of a sort... this was inspired by Persona 4. I scrapped this as well.

This lead me into thinking about my favorite series - the When They Cry series. Inspired, I decided that the only way to corner them and create locked room mysteries, a core concept of this story, was to trap them somewhere. Many other series use this, locking them in either literally or figuratively. I was inspired by works like Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi and Persona 4 as well, and Dangan Ronpa, to a lesser extent.

Every one of these series focus around an unknown killer that the characters need to unmask, and the Caged Birds of Kirayama is no different. The difference in this is that fantasy comes into play, and questions have to be answered to get anywhere. Your options are limited because of several defining factors made clear as the story progresses.

This idea gave birth to several iterations of the story, all spanning across one timeline.

First act, "Caged Birds": The three volleyball teams head up the mountain.
Second act: They return to the mountain.
Third act: A third party explores the mountain.
Fourth act, "The Cold Moon": This is simply a concept, but I wanted to explore everything from the culprit's point of view, whether that be the birth of the curse or anything else.

Why Haikyuu!!? The series works so well because all of the characters have a distinct personality to go off of and play with, allowing me to fully explore the character's nature. With such a huge cast, it's made even easier to delve into a scene where hysteria and mass confusion plays a part. It's an easy going series that is light hearted and fun, for the most part, but the underlying themes of "fight to win", and "only the strongest survive" work well, even in this kind of genre. Haikyuu just works for this kind of premise, like nothing else does.

I want the readers to pursue the truth just as much as Hinata pursues it. That's ultimately my goal, and why there's so many outlets for this fanfiction (Tumblr, AO3, Here). Of course, this might just be a pipe dream. Either way-- this is satisfying!

So please: give me crit, etc here, I'd like to also know if anyone wants to beta.

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