Aug. 6th, 2016

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A Quick Summary: the story takes place on a mountain called Kirayama, and a storm overcomes the Karasuno, Fukurodani and Nekoma teams, trapping them there. Connection to the outside world is cut, and when a freak murder occurs and a student goes missing, they have no way to call for help. They are stranded and helpless as multiple murders occur around them, with no clue or hint as to who is doing this or why. Hinata struggles to best an invisible culprit as time trickles by. Can he figure out who or what is causing these murders...? 

The concept of Kirayama was born during November, 2015. All I had wanted to do was drabble, and I wrote a short snippet of an argument occurring between Kageyama and Hinata as they struggled to understand murders going on in their corner of Japan. This, I scrapped, and decided to take things further. I wanted to conceptualize a world in which, realistically, the teens of Karasuno were forced into a corner concerning a serial killer of a sort... this was inspired by Persona 4. I scrapped this as well.

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the caged birds of the mountain